Festival Director: Mike McNamara
Titles by Coat of Arms
On-Set Production by: Potenza Productions
Producer: Jonathan Lacocque
Creative Director: Cameron Spencer

On-Set Production by Potenza Productions
On-Set Director: Rocco Cataldo
Production Producer & Coordinator : Mary Kay Cook
Director of Photography: Michael Kwielford
Gaffer: Joey Domaracki
AC: John Waterman

Special Thanks: SAGindie
Studio Space & Red Epic provided by Daufenbach Camera
Projectors provided by Sound Investment & Ryan Butterworth

Creative Post by Coat of Arms
Design & Direction: Cameron Spencer
Motion Design & Animation: Ryan Butterworth
Tracking & Stabilization: Evan Lindsay
Editor & Colorist: Jonathan Lacocque
Music: Joel Corelitz/Waveplant
Sound Design & Mix: Jerry Walterick