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“Some people have told me, ‘The first time I came to Helvetia, I felt like I was coming home.’ It just felt like some place they were called to. People find a calmness here… a quietness.” – Dave Whipp

We can all recognize when a place is sacred or special but the reasons for this description often feel indescribable. There’s a rural village tucked in West Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains that bears that quality. In this short documentary, “Called Home” three villagers explore the spirit of the Swiss village called Helvetia. As they harvest honey, gardens, and firewood, these resilient and self-reliant individuals describe their connection with the land and the spirit of this place they call home.

CALLED HOME is a short documentary exploring Helvetia, a rural, Swiss village tucked in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. We hope this can act as a catalyst for empathy and sincere interest in viewpoints not our own and that it helps construct a positive vision of West Virginia and her people.

A Film By: Coat of Arms
Directors/Producers: Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque
Executive Producer: Clara Lehmann & Emily Hilliard
Cinematography: Joel Wolpert
Additional Cinematography: Jonathan Lacocque
Cast (In order of appearance):
Dave Whipp
Linda (Bunch) Smith
Nancy Daetwyler Gain
Editor: Jonathan Lacocque
Colorist: Kelly Armstrong
Typography Design: Friederich Detering
Sound Design & Mix: Jerry Walterick

Original Music:
“We Can All Be New”
By Elskavon

By Ian Post
Via Art-list.io

“Angelina Baker”
Arranged & Performed by Jesse Milnes
Courtesy of Deep End Sessions Records

By Emily Miller & Jesse Milnes

By Ian Locke
via Art-list.io

“Still Holding On”
By Tristan Barton
via Art-list.io

Special Thanks:
Anna Baird
Nick Cavalier
John Severson
Elaine & Kerrin Sheldon