We had a great time collaborating with the Google BigQuery & Google Cloud Platform teams. This is BigQuery’s first video, so it was a privilege to help refine a brand voice that maintained the Google Cloud vision while also feeling unique to BigQuery. A pitch perfect collaboration between all involved. Couldn’t ask for a better experience and team.

Client: Google BigQuery | Google Cloud Platform
BigQuery Project Lead: Bosco Zubiaga
Cloud Team: Elizabeth Cha, Ashley Chandler, Matt Kipper, & Cesar Rodriguez
Executive Producer: Danny Bresnik
Creative by Coat of Arms
Writer: Clara Lehmann & The BigQuery Team
Creative Producers/Directors: Jonathan Lacocque & Clara Lehmann
Lead Designer/Motion Designer: David Stanfield
Additional Illustration: Fernanda Ribeiro
Editor: Jonathan Lacocque
Music: Matt Stanfield
Sound Design & Mix: Jenna Coyle
Voiceover: Whitney Dykhouse