We were honored to help the Google Cloud Spanner team put together a fun video to help launch this revolutionary cloud service. In fact, Google Cloud Spanner is the first horizontally scalable, globally consistent, relational database service of its kind. Check it out here: cloud.google.com/spanner/

Client: Google
Google Team: Cloud Spanner
Project Leads: Jennifer Kelly, Selena Salazar, Deepti Srivastava
Creative by Coat of Arms
Creative Producer & Writer: Clara Lehmann
Creative Director & Editor: Jonathan Lacocque
Designer: Friedrich Detering
Designer/Animator: Aaron Kemnitzer
Designer/Animator: Ariel Costa
Designer/Animator: Dennis Hoogstad
Animator: Latham Arnott
Additional Design Elements: David Stanfield
Original Music & Sound Design: Matt Stanfield
Voiceover: Ariel Kern – Voicebyariel.com