We’ve had a wonderful working relationship with WebMD over the years. And we’ve had the pleasure of creating a vast array of medically oriented videos for them. It’s been nice to merge creative storytelling techniques with medical data, and in many instances, information that can help the general public. This video was a fun one for us, completely shot, produced and posted by Coat of Arms & friends. Hope you enjoy! And remember to wash those hands!

Client: WebMD
Director: Courtney Dixon
Creative Production & Post: Coat of Arms
Producers: Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque
Cinematography: Joel Wolpert
Editor: Jonathan Lacocque
Colorist: Heather Hay
Sound Engineer: Sarah Krohn
Motion Designer: Terence Ginja-Martinho
Production Location: West Virginia Wesleyan College
Voiceover: Jim Cutler