M-Studio is the production management team at Movidiam. They work with brands, agencies and production companies to create out of this world content! As an artist platform, Movidiam has been a go-to for inspiration and networking for us. We’ve met a lot of incredibly talented people there. We were ecstatic to hear they wanted a video introducing their new “M-Studio” production management team. After various fun concepts, we decided on taking things to space! Hope you enjoy what we came up with.

Client: Movidiam
Executive Producers: Alex Vero & George Olver
Movidiam Team: James Burden, Patrick Cooke, Casper Horton-Kitchlew
Creative by Coat of Arms
Creative Direction & Producing: Jonathan Lacocque & Clara Lehmann
Writer: Clara Lehmann
Illustrators: Fernanda Ribeiro & Ricardo Nillson
Lead Animator: Ricardo Nilson
Animator: Rafael Araujo
Editor: Jonathan Lacocque
Sound Engineer: Jerry Walterick
Voiceover: Nicole Gose
Music via PremiumBeat