We were approached by the Reeling Film Festival to create an intro title/sponsor sequence for their 34th Festival. We jumped at the opportunity to create something fun and exciting.

Our original concept was to represent the diverse array of individuals who may identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or asexual, allies and advocates. Each within the LGBTQ+ acronym. The video would start in a more binary representation of love/sex/orientation, and have that break, leading to a more diverse and inclusive world. The broken pieces, forming a ball, roll into various new worlds, each made up of a shape (representing one of the identities/sexual orientations). In each world, one of these characters come out and join the others and ultimately the LGBTQ+ community at the Film Festival.

Client: 34th Reeling International Film Festival
Executive Producer: Sarah Rubin
Creative by Coat of Arms
Creative Director/Producer – Jonathan Lacocque
Director/Producer/Writer – Clara Lehmann
Art Director – Fernanda Ribeiro
Art Director/Animator – Amy Schmitt
Animator – Andrea Stragapede
Animator – Friedrich Detering
Animator – Phong Luong
Animator – Jannis Spieth
Additional Animation by B. Rad
Sound Designer – Sarah Krohn
Sound Designer – Surasen Dechpan
Music – Premium Beat